War-mentality to be continued…

United Nations has the potential, international legal policy framework to deal with universal disputes of fundamental human rights and wars, created among nations. It has been the only legal out-fit to resolve such problems, since its beginning in 1945, and has been serving the nations for the last seventy eight years. United Nations has become the last resort, the nations have looked upon to settle their differences without harming their citizens and violating their basic human rights before brewing them in to ‘mega scale issues', paving the way to another World War, which could be the third 'World War’. This could be happened, due to blunders made by world leaders, today and would be the final manmade catastrophe on Earth, since 8 billions of people will have been threatened to get swept away from the planet.

With the help of Nuclear Weapons and Artificial Intelligence (AI), together with satellite-aided hacking system, we have innovated another devastating equation, which would be deployed in destroying the whole world. ‘Singularity’ is a theoretical point when Artificial Intelligence (AI) surpasses (2045) Human Intelligence (HI) and changes the path of our evolution. From here where should we go? That it is to be decided by the leaders of the world, today.

We, human beings have been led by different leaderships at different times of history and have been made to achieve huge technological advancements for betterment of the world. But, leadership as a concept has been critically challenged, at this hour by the wars among the nations across the world. Current conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Palestine have reached the lowest ebb where the human rights are concerned, killing thousands of people, displacing millions of them, without basic human needs, such as water, food, shelter, medicines and sanitation. Irrespective of cast, creed, race, religion, land and language, they are all human beings, born free to this world and are entitled to the basic human rights to live a full life on this planet with justice and peace, harmony and dignity, as other fellow citizens are enjoying them, all over the world.

Leaders of the world today and leaders at all levels, have a great responsibility to decide the course of mankind, at this critical juncture. Leadership is all that what it matters in changing the world of its shape, pace and fate. In this context, leadership entails a great significance on mankind and its future. Being alive to circumstances, we must encourage to thrive leadership at all levels with anticipated quality requirements and great responsibility of mankind.

'Prohibition of nuclear weapons', which is a recent resolution under discussion by UN is certainly a silver-lining in a dark cloud and a correct move towards humanity and mankind on Earth. Let's have faith in UN and rally round it, empowering to lead the mankind in order to find its destiny on the planet, as it is the only organisation, which is capable of bringing sanity in to world leaders and maintain peace on Earth.

Edward Fernando General Secretary All Ceylon Human Rights Federation 28/10/2023

Secretary - ACHRF
Edward Fernando