Coronavirus and the Earth

The Earth - the only habitat for human beings in the Solar System is no longer a safe place for human habitation. With its 4.5 billions of years of existence, the Earth is supposed to exist for another 4 billions of years or so. With Covid-19, the outbreak of Coronavirus in 2020, human beings are alarmed to change the whole course of action in the future of mankind, in order to bring back the correct order of priorities of the Great Nations if we were to survive on Earth. Over a few decades, we have been able to travel in the space with the developed technology, in search of another planet, where humans can survive. This is a misconception, which has been driving us to a man-made catastrophe. It is ridiculous, that we spend trillions of dollars for future space expeditions, instead of using them, in order to invent anti-viral medicament and to develop cancer curable drug. This is a severe blunder with the order of the priorities of Great Nations who fight each other for supremacy. Once the nature was a paradise for us, we have been ravaging the mother nature for millions of years, the outcome seems to be now uncontrollable. With the global warming effects, the mankind on Earth will be experiencing many more lessons, which will be out of man's control once again. The most fundamental right of the man is to live somewhere safe on Earth. But, Alas! There is no safe place on the planet all of a sudden!

Do you think that we can live on this planet any longer, unless we stand together, make our own contributions to change this situation and save the planet? Forward your ideas and proposals, to formulate a new strategy to be presented to UN Human Rights Federations, in order to control the course of actions of World's Greatest Nations, for the benefit of all humans, living on the planet.

The Secretary - Edward Fernando
All Ceylon Human Rights Federation (ACHRF)