Shin-zo Abes death threatens the peaceful democracy

We totally condemn the assassination of former prime minister Shin-zo Abe, who was gunned down, in one of the world's safest democracies - Japan. It is very rare that gun violence is reported in Japan. But, gunning down the country's longest - serving prime minister and world's prominent political leader is pathetic and sorrowful. It descends the disbelief on democracy. 


He had been killed, while giving a speech at a campaign - meeting on Friday, two days before the election. This sounds certain rivalry on some political issues. Nevertheless, it is threatening the freedom of speech in democracy, which is considered as one of the most fundamental rights of the human being.  With this tragedy, we have been pushed back to zero position, when fundamental rights and democracy are concerned. Division of opinion is best expressed by the freedom of speech, respectfully. Killing or destroying the person, bearing the opposite opinion is barbarism, not the way to civilisation. 


At this moment, former prime minister Shin-zo Abe's death is calling for a change of the attitude in the whole world, towards appreciating the greatness of human being on earth. The same democracy should be developed, with more and more valuable features added to it, in preserving the real essence of human being, by achieving the state that every human respects each other. This has to be collectively achieved, sooner or later.