Killing Democracy in Myanmar

Military dictatorship took over Myanmar by storm, overthrowing the winning party at the recently held general election. We totally condemn the undemocratic act, on behalf of peace - loving people in the world.

Judging by what took place in U.S.A. last month, democratically elected Joe Bidens had to face an attack by armed gangsters who invaded the Capitol House, claiming democratically held election was a fake. This is very unhealthy practice, where world's supreme democracy is concerned. Is it going to be a trend to be continued in the global context?

Countries, dedicated to democratic freedom of the people have been tested, unprecedentedly once again, Root - cause seems to be the power struggle between countries of different political agendas and different political parties in different political dogmas. Then again, it is driven by economic super - powers in the world.

The organisation of United Nations is still in good shape to bring about a new world order, which is to be an equation in solving this global conflict, on behalf of the fundamental human rights of the people in the whole world. UNO must be alive to this situation and should muster support from all the peace - loving people living on the planet.