Gender Equality bars on Iranian - soil and is taking toll of it

We are deeply disturbed and distressed by the death of Ms. Masha Amini, who was deprived of her fundamental human rights and later became a victim of harassment by the police in Iran. Iran's mandatory hijab law, which was enacted in 1981, after Islamic Revolution, has long been challenged by women in Iran and state has been terrified by this act. The young women and their demand of change are being suppressed to the extent of threatening their lives. This form of violation of fundamental Human Rights should be totally condemned by all human beings on this planet.

Amini's death is not the first in Iran that the detainee has died under suspicious circumstances. Reason behind this re-occurring is that the security forces have been entrusted to detain women for their choice of attire. Accountability of such assignment by the government is questionable. Religious faith should not intermingle with fundamental human rights of the people in a civilized society.

Current social unrest in Iran is getting aggregated, day by day, while government is trying to resist the strong uprising of women, against Amini's death. Dozens of young women have already been victimized during protests against Ms. Amini's cruel assassination. We stand together in solidarity, with Iranian women, who fight for emancipation We wish them wisdom, in order to win their basic rights, at the end of the day.